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Advantages of SFM600

Firstly, it is very effective at grabbing customers attention.
Its trademark "pop" sound is a eye-catcher, and does not need additional advertisement.

Secondly, it is soft and delicious.
Everyone enjoys its soft but also crisp texture, and more flavors can be added for preferred taste.

Thirdly, it is hard to imitate.
SFM600 uses especially made grain pellets which require large scale equipments to produce which makes it hard to imitate.
You can secure the supply for the goods.

Fourthly, it is easy to use
SFM600 can be easily operated by anyone.


SFM600 is a instant snack machine which is capable of producing crisp and delicious
grain crackers in front of the customers.
It has been designed such that the customer can watch its novel baking method.

It creates a large pop when the pop cake pops out of the machine, hence its name Pop Cake.

It is always the center of attention, and its crispy but also soft
texture is loved by everyone, from young children to the elders.
It is enjoyed all around and is also a fresh and healthy grain snack.

Specifications (SFM600)

1) Size: 370 (L) mm X 550 (H) mm X 560 (W) mm
2) Weight: 75kg
3) Motor: 0.1hp
4) Electric: 110 or 220V / 50-60Hz
5) Heater temperature
- Max: 400 C
- Min: -10 C
Material : Snack pellet (Pasta)
One bag is 30kgs
- 10cm cake : 5,500-6,000pcs
- 15cm cake : 4,500-5,000pcs
6) Working capacity : 1pcs every 8sec
7) Material : 100% of snack rice
8) Size of snack: D: 10/15cm T: 1mm-2mm
* You can mix any tastes in the snack yourself
( we will let you know how to do it)
Option : Safety Cover


Product Name: Wheat Pellet For Rice Cake (Snack Rice)
Product Origin: South Korea
Description:  wheat pellet


Wheat pellets mainly consists of flour, rice powder, and vegetable oil and is produced specifically for SFM600.

In order to satisfy the tricky condition of the popping machine, we use top quality flour and do not include any other ingredients other than the ones specified below.

1. Flour: 98.5%
2. Rice powder: 1%
3. Vegetable oil (100% soy bean oil): 0.5%

Package size: 30 kilogram bags

Expiration date: 1 year from production date

Others: To produce the rice cake flavor natural additives such as salt maybe be needed (more flavors can be created to satisfy different taste) Please see next page


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